SEABL – Women Championship

Dandenong continue to lead the way in the South Conference of the SEABL’s Women Championship. They are ahead of everybody else with 13 wins and 7 losses since the start of the campaign.

With the same record at second place is Bendigo, but with worst stats than the current leader. Launceston (12 wins, 7 losses) and Hobart (10 wins, 9 losses) are the other two teams who are currently placed in the playoff zone of the South Conference. So far out of the playoff zone are Ballarat (8 wins, 11 losses), Frankston (7 wins, 13 losses) and Melbourne Boomers (5 wins, 14 losses).

In the East Conference Kilsyth are leaders with 16 wins and 4 losses since the start of the season. Geelong are second with 15 wins and 4 losses, while BA CoE are third with 8 wins and 4 losses. Sydney are taking the last fourth place in the playoff zone with 12 wins and 8 losses since the beginning of the regular season. Out of the playoff zone currently are Nunawading (8 wins, 11 losses), Canberra (6 wins, 13 losses), Sandringham (5 wins, 14 losses) and the weakest team in the country Albury (4 wins, 16 losses).

This morning we saw Sydney winning its visit to Melbourne Boomers with 54-77, while Ballarat beat Albury with 75-56 at home.

On Saturday Launceston beat Canberra with 76-74, while Ballarat won its visit to Bendigo with 60-61. Kilsyth meanwhile beat Melbourne Boomers with 71-65.

In other matches for the day, Frankston beat Dandenong with 69-74, while Albury won its visit to Nunawading with 64-67. Sandringham lost its home game against Sydney with 60-69.

On Friday Geelong managed to defeat the visiting team of Sandringham with 86-82, while Hobart beat Canberra with 72-67 at home.