Fredrikstad – Strømmen

Fredrikstad hosts Strømmen in a game from the 17th round of the Norway’s 1. Division. The match is going to be played on Sunday evening.

Fredrikstad are having some serious problems since the start of the new season. They are currently 14th in the league from 16 teams, which means that they are positioned at the relegation play-off spot after 16 rounds played.

Fredrikstad lost 7 of their 16 games so far, drawing also in 7 and winning just 2. They have scored 18 goals and conceded 25.

In their last game Fredrikstad lost against Florø, but before that they were in a run of four consecutive matches without a loss. This is the reason why Fredrikstad moved up from the last place in the 1. Division and it was a really great run of results for this club.

As for Strømmen, they are currently 9th in the league with 22 points won. They have won 6 of their games, drew in 4 and lost also 6. They have scored 21 goals and conceded 24.

In their last five games Strømmen won twice, lost twice and shared the points once. You could easily see that their performance is really inconsistent, so they are pretty much an unpredictable team at the moment. Just like Fredrikstad in their last five games.

This is a difficult game to predict. Although Strømmen’s position in the league is much better than Fredrikstad’s, both teams are performing in a pretty much similar way at the moment. They are inconsistent and unpredictable, which means that we should expect a very interesting game on Sunday.

Fredrikstad have the advantage to play on home ground, but Strømmen are a little bit of a better team, which could be proven by their position in the table. Which one did you got?