Slovenia – Scotland

Slovenia hosts Scotland in a decisive match from Group F of the World Cup qualifiers in Europe.

After England already won this group, on theory three teams can win the second place in the group – Scotland, Slovenia and Slovakia. Slovenia are in the worst position of the three, being 4th in the standings with 14 points. Scotland are second with 17 and Slovakia are 3rd with 15. Meanwhile Slovakia are playing against Malta, so we should expect to see them winning and finishing the campaign with 18 points.

This means that Scotland must win at any cost in Slovenia, if they want to finish 2nd and participate in the playoffs. If they make a draw and finish on par with Slovakia, they are still about to lose the 2nd place because of goal difference. So this is it for them – a win or nothing. They do not have any other choice here.

Slovenia have a theoretical chance to finish 2nd, but they know very well that this is just a fantasy. If they want to qualify for the playoffs, Slovakia must win points against Malta at home. And we really doubt that this is going to happen, so for Slovenia it’s most surely a game over. But they can still be a factor in this group. They can decide if Scotland are going to win the second place or not.

Everyone in Scotland is ready for one of the most important matches in this nation’s history in the recent years. The big goal are the playoffs, but they must win to reach them. It won’t be easy, because it’s always hard to play in Slovenia. The big favourite England already lost points there. The Scottish team is in a good condition at the moment, but it won’t be easy for them – that’s for sure.